PT Flexindomas



  • 3 operating modes support various applications.
  1. Simple ModeVisualization of equipment status
    Effortlessly divide the lighting area into 1 to 5 tiers and freely set each tier’s colors and flashing patterns.

2. Level Meter ModeVisualization of tank level and temperature information
Preset lightning pattern can be activated depending on the tank level.
Easily display material replenishment timing and machine status changes.



3. Animation Mode Visualizing Takt Time of manufacturing process
Visualize elapsed time by changing the preset colors from bottom to top or from top to bottom.

  • Easy connection greatly reduces man-hours
    – Effortlessly wire the LB6 with just one IO-Link cable without needing tools.
    – The LB6 automatically reverts back to the factory default settings when a replacement cable is connected.