PT Flexindomas


WFA Project

Industry: Semiconductor & Electronics
Brands: Epson & Panasonic
Case Number: CN-0024
Solution: Robotics

Problem Statement

Customer is producing different models of mobile phone screen. During the production, the screen have to be laminated with a layer of protective sheet, accuracy must be±0.3mm. No scratches or damage is permitted.
Because of the high labor cost and low efficiency, the customer need to upgrade their production line, and reduce the working cycle time to be less than 3.6s。


Recommended to use Epson robot + Panasonic vision system for position matching and guiding the robot to laminate the protective sheet.

Customer’s Feedback

Through the auto calibration function, the robot can complete the pick and place function perfectly and precisely. This has greatly improved the productivity and meet the customer’s production demand.

Success Stories CN-0024